The American Society of Professional Estimators began in 1956. What started with fewer than 20 members in the Los Angeles area can today boast members in 40+ chapters from border to border. ASPE is nationally recognized as creating the standards for professional construction Estimating. Our Society was created with dedication and commitment to the idea of providing its members with tangible benefits:

  • A professional guild organization which promotes the highest standards and ethics in the practice of Construction Estimating.
  • A resource for technical knowledge. With thousands of highly qualified leaders throughout the country, ASPE has resources to help its members through uncertainty.
  • A venue for Estimators to meet and discuss market conditions, common problems, and opportunities for all members. Our in-group networking teaches from experience and promotes its membership.
  • Continuing education through seminars, training academies, and lectures on construction-related topics.
  • A Networking group that shares contacts, leads, opportunities, resources.
  • Our magazine, Estimating Today, and local chapter newsletters carry technical, industry-related and other pertinent articles for the professional estimator.
  • An opportunity to become recognized as a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) through the completion of our training and testing program. A CESB (Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Board as well as an ACCE (American Council for Construction Education) accredited program-
  • A means of personally communicating with fellow professionals on a monthly (meeting), weekly (socially) and annual (convention) basis, providing an opportunity to exchange information and gain professional recognition for yourself and your company. Being a successful Estimator demands contacts. ASPE has forty+ locally and 1500+ active nationally.

Education, Ethics, Standards, Certification, Fellowship> these lead to the ultimate goal --Professionalism. We think you’ll agree ... If all Estimators were more professional, budget and other problems in the construction industry would be greatly reduced. 

Have you wished ...

That you could get professional recognition for your experience and skills as a construction Estimator? Perhaps you supervise Estimators and you would like your staff to be more professional. Maybe you’re an independent Estimator who provides estimating services for others. Or perhaps you are a user of estimating services as an owner, architect, engineer, or government agency, and would like to be assured of receiving professional estimates.

Perhaps ASPE is the organization for you!

American Society of Professional Estimators Tampa Bay - Chapter 48